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Many people ask themselves – how much does car wrapping cost? And the answer to this question is not as simple as it might seem. The price of wrapping a car depends on many aspects. The first and obvious one is the size of the car to be wrapped. Secondly, the customer has to choose the foil that is to be used on the car, and here we have a wide range of options, which means a variety of prices.

If you want to wrap your car with advertising graphics – here the job is quite simple. There are companies that have a predetermined wrapping price, there are also companies that calculate the price of wrapping on the basis of a project – such solution is used by Logo Printing Co, we consider it to be the best for the clients. In the area of advertising graphics we can choose from several techniques for wrapping the car, because we can cut the foil on a plotter, which will guarantee its longer life and the effect of fading will not be visible, we can also use printed graphics, which unfortunately will begin to fade over time, to stop this process slightly we use a protective UV foil. In particular, the prices for car wrapping vary from £50 for a small element to £200-300 for wrapping only one part of the car. For £1000-2500 we can wrap a whole car, depending on its size, and for several thousand pounds we can wrap a whole truck with a trailer.


If we want to change the colour of a car, here the prices are a bit different, first of all wrapers have to do a lot more work. Secondly, films for tuning are sometimes even 50x more expensive than regular films for wrapping cars with advertising graphics. When the customer knows exactly what they want, it is easy to put a price on it, but if they start to explore the films, and the options that can be done, it simply becomes more valuable. Changing the colour of a car is a service with prices starting from £1500, and that’s with rather poor quality films. If you want good quality material, you should be prepared for the price of £2000-3000 for a passenger car.

As you can see, the price of car wrapping can be surprising. We hope that this article has at least given you some insight into the subject of car wrapping prices. In order to make an accurate quote, it is best to contact a company that deals with car wrapping. If you need to wrap your car – you are welcome to cooperate with Logo Printing Co. Below you will find our car wrapping projects.

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