For many people this topic seems very obvious – where from? – from google. Well, this is a very wrong perception, to promote your company or brand, you should use images that have the appropriate license. We can not just visit google or any other site and choose a picture that will be used in the design of a leaflet, business card, poster or any other. Advertising agencies very often use photo stock, where they buy photo licences. Other advertising companies, such as ours, take photos themselves, have their own base and then use such photos in projects for clients. Using the services of a graphic designer – you should ask where he has photos, whether he acquired them legally, after all we do not want someone to contact us accusing us of stealing photos.


Image licensing is a topic that has been around for many years, but just recently people have recognised the need to purchase such a licence when running a business. More and more people are aware of the fact that advertising based on illegally obtained materials may even end up in court. Additionally, many people are not aware of the fact that people spread their pictures on the Internet and then search for people who used these pictures – why? Of course, if you don’t know what the point is – it is the money. So here the situation would be even worse if someone called you one day and informed you that you would either pay the due licence (and it would not be a small amount) or the case would end up in court. It is definitely cheaper to buy a proper licence


First of all, we appreciate the artists for whom this is a source of income. Another important thing is that on services offering photos you can often find sets, that is a series of photos of the same person or concept, which can be great material for the whole visual identification of the company. It is worth taking advantage of this. Another thing is to avoid problems in a printing house connected with the size of photos. When buying photos on stock we choose the size we want and if it is too small we can always choose a bigger one.


If you already decide to buy photos, sometimes – it is worth waiting. What does it mean ? – it is good to register on a stock service, click on their newsletter and wait a few days. Sites selling photos very often have promotions, which means that we can buy twice as many photos for the price of one set. Often such sites also offer completely free images, which are of quite good quality . Since we are talking about stock services, it is worth to know that apart from photos, we can also find there designs of leaflets, business cards, vector designs, short films – which can be used to create a company’s advertising film. Photo stock sites are really well-stocked places, it will probably take you a while to go through all the ideas that appear there.


In fact, there is no rule. Very often one photographer sells exactly the same photo through several or even more than a dozen of stock photos. The photo is the same – so the only difference is the price. And even though the prices in each stock service are very similar, as I mentioned before it is worth to register in several services and wait for some interesting promotions. We personally recommend stock sites:


Finally, if you like to take photos, you can sell your photos on photo stock. Maybe they do not pay much money, but it will be an additional passive income from something we do anyway. We can convert our passion into money. We also sell our photos on stock, there is no big profit, but it is possible to earn money for a new lens . Meanwhile we say goodbye to you and see you soon in the next post. Have you already had contact with photo stocks? Or maybe someone of you regularly buys photos on stock ? Tell us about it .