Logo Printing Co is a company that provides services of the highest quality, which is why we offer much more than other printing houses. With us, the client always receives a basic proofreading in the printing price. However, we are not able to predict everything, especially being a company that works with multilingual clients. For example, we cannot know whether to print on a business card the name: Pawel, for a client who works in Great Britain or Germany, or maybe it should be Pawel – without Polish characters. The correct form is to use the original spelling, but it is also common to cut off the tails. So for one person the correct form will be Pawel, for another person the correct form will be Paweł.

Although the initial proofreading – where we pay attention to spelling mistakes, we ask our customers first of all to check – phone numbers, address including postal code, personal data. Our graphic team can make corrections, however, this should be reported before printing. Once the project has been accepted, it is not possible to make any corrections or changes to the project.