On the blog, we will show you interesting products that deserve to be looked at in more detail.  Today, packaging for T-shirts can also be used to pack other items, because we know that packing products is often a problem for our clients. Originally, the box serves as packaging for puzzles, but we decided to give it a different function and use it as packaging for printed T-shirts and this idea works well. When choosing this product for T-shirts we focused on making it easy to personalise, so that it can be ordered in small quantities so that it does not take up too much space. And of course it doesn’t cost a fortune.  The look – that’s it. For some people, such a box may not look exclusive, but when comparing the options available on the market at this price, we found that the box looks quite attractive. Unless one of you has another interesting idea – we invite you to discuss it. Below we present you a box for packing t-shirts or other items of similar dimensions.



The box is designed in such a way that we can print on both sides. The overprint on the box is made with the sublimation technique, so it has very well reproduced colours. The quality of the print is very good, we can print photos on this type of packaging without any problem. The sublimation ink is very durable, so the box can look great for a long time. We can make any print on the box. There are no matrices in sublimation printing, so there is no problem to make 10 boxes – each with a different overprint – such an operation does not increase the price of printing. The box with the overprint is so nice that it can be successfully presented in the online shop on the product page.



The folded box has dimensions of 17cm/33cm.
After folding it forms a shape of a rectangle with dimensions of 27cm / 15cm / 6cm.
In order to visualize what you can fit in such a box, you can easily make a paper template of similar dimensions, you can also order several pieces in our online shop. Always, such packages are delivered to you in an unfolded form, so they take up very little space. There is no need to order large quantities of the product, as we have them in stock. In addition, the packaging can be personalised, for celebrations, festivities, various occasions etc.



Certainly. The Printing Co. logo is not only a printing house. First of all we focus on design. For those who have not yet chosen a graphic design or a project, we can offer a design service, from the logo, through all company printouts, websites and online shops. If you need a packaging design, we will be happy to do it for you. Alongside you can see some of our designs. In the design page, there are other projects that we can complete.